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November 28, 2005
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After green leaves wither to brown, Pat Geraty gathers them by truckloads so gardeners can make the world green again. The value of dried leaves in the age of recycling is powering businesses such as Geraty’s and a host of smaller municipal composting operations. This time of year, their fresh piles of steaming, ground-up leaves […]

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August 15, 2005
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Watch a tub grinder at work, and a descriptive adjective that comes to mind is “ferocious.” With seemingly little effort, it reduces great volumes of organic debris — massive logs, thick stumps or railroad ties — into neat piles of chips. The “tub” started life some 40 years ago processing silage on farms, but as […]

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May 30, 2005
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A once desolate wasteland is now the site of the St. Louis region’s largest producer of mulch and compost material. St. Louis Composting, which is based in Maryland Heights, Mo., ships yard waste from all over the metropolitan area to former site of the BFI Modern Landfill on Frank Scott Parkway just north of Illinois […]

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