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Please note: Our minimum purchase for all bulk products is one cubic yard. Quoted prices are subject to change without notice.


Soil is a mixture of mineral and organic components in constant flux between their solid, gaseous and aqueous states. Soils consisting of layers of mineral components differ physically and chemically from their source materials. As these elements break down, the organic matter becomes part of the soil’s mineral content.

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River-bottom topsoil, screened and pulverized, is ideal for lawns and gardens.
$25 / cubic yard


Topsoil Plus

A 70/30 mix of screened river-bottom topsoil and Black Gold compost makes a great base for sod and helps restore depleted garden beds.
$27 / cubic yard


Garden Mix

A 50/50 blend of river-bottom topsoil and Black Gold compost is perfect for enhancing soil in raised garden beds and planting areas with clay or rock bases.
$29 / cubic yard


Rain Garden Mix

A custom blend of soil and compost material ideal for cultivating bio-retention areas (or rain gardens) where rainwater and runoff collect for slow filtering into soil.
$35 / cubic yard


SLC Raised Bed Mix

SLC Raised Bed Mix is a blend of topsoil, sand, pine bark fine and Black Gold Compost that is specifically designed for use in raised planting beds or planting box gardens. This blend features a lower soil pH and allows better porosity and airspace in the soil for superior root zone conditions. SLC Raised Bed Mix features an organic starter charge.
$39 / cubic yard

*The following products are custom. Advanced ordering is required.


Peat Free Mix

St. Louis Composting’s Peat Free Mix is our most sustainable grower mix made with STA-Certified Black Gold Compost, processed pine bark fines and rice hulls with no Canadian sphagnum included. This mix is well suited for smaller containers through 3 gallon. Uses include mums, perennials and annuals. Included are pH buffers and a compensatory nitrogen charge.
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Tree & Shrub Mix

Tree & Shrub Mix is a blend of processed pine bark fines, rice hulls and STA-Certified Black Gold Compost. It is optimized for the container production of tree and shrub liners. Included are pH buffers and a micronutrients package.
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Perennial Mix

Perennial Mix is a blend of processed pine bark fines, rice hulls, compost and sphagnum peat. Perennials Mix is intended for production of perennials and natives. This mix is suitable for plugs and liners. The mix is well suited for small containers up to 3 gallon. Included are pH buffers, wetting agent and a micronutrients package.
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line-new*Products vary by location.

For information on commercial application or to create a custom compost product line for your nursery, garden store or business, contact Roy Gross at or 314-581-6372 if you are in Missouri or Tom Tharp at or 314-581-3431 if you are in Illinois.