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We have
9 Locations in the St. Louis Metro Area

Compost, Mulch, Soil, Custom Soils

Tree, Lawn & Landscape Waste Drop-off

STA Certified Compost

We Proudly Offer

STA Certified and OMRI Listed Compost

OMRI Listed Compost


At St. Louis Composting, we are Mother Nature’s helpers – transitioning yard trimmings from waste bin to garden in only six months. When carefully controlled and monitored, composting is a 100% natural process, similar to what has occurred on forest floors forever. We create and maintain composting conditions that parallel nature’s own processes by:

  • shredding green material to increase the surface area of the matter exposed to decomposing organisms

  • monitoring the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio to ensure that microorganisms have an adequate mineral “diet” on which to feed

  • aerating composting material so microbes receive an ample oxygen supply, and

  • tracking moisture levels to promote efficient breakdown and encourage optimum microbial activity.

Whether you’re looking for a truckload, a trailer bed full or just a bag or two, St. Louis Composting offers an unsurpassed selection of premium quality certified compost, soil-compost blends and a large selection of mulches.


Stop by any of our seven facilities to explore the seasonal selections or call ahead and we’ll deliver directly to your home or jobsite.

USCC STA Certified Compost

Our compost products and all products containing compost have been STA Certified, assuring that you are purchasing a safe and eco-friendly product.

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USCC STA Certified Compost
OMRI Listed Compost
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St. Louis Composting, Inc.

39 Old Elam Avenue

Valley Park, MO 63088




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