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Compost is organic matter that has been broken down through aerobic decomposition into a dark, humus-rich material teeming with beneficial organisms – a critical component of a “complete” soil. Complete soil also contains key mineral factions (iron, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) that promote healthy plant growth and maturation.


Please note: Our minimum purchase for all bulk products is one cubic yard. Please call our office at 636-861-3344 for delivery fees. Fees start at $55 per delivery. Quoted prices are subject to change without notice.

Black Gold

Screened to a particle size of 3/8” or 1”, this nutrient-rich, STA Certified compost is ideal for incorporating into soil. Use for flower & vegetable gardens, lawns & trees.
$26 / cubic yard

Field & Turf Enhancer

Screened to a 1/4” consistency, this STA Certified compost is ideal for top dressing lawns, athletic fields and golf courses.
$34 / cubic yard

Premium Gold

Our Black Gold now listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). We have the organic grower in mind with Premium Gold! This compost is produced to the stringent requirements of OMRI. Organic compost is recommended as an amendment to local soils for vegetable and fruit gardening and farming. Organic compost contains naturally occurring plant nutrients and soil microbes. Use for flower & vegetable gardens, lawns & trees.
$33 / cubic yard

Premium Field & Turf Enhancer

The ultimate organic additive to a natural lawn, sports field or golf course. Premium Field and Turf Enhancer is created under the most stringent requirements of OMRI, an organization that reviews products intended for use in organic production. Premium Field and Turf Enhancer supplies naturally occurring plant nutrients and soil microbes to help turfgrass areas thrive. Apply after aeration to allow the compost to integrate into turf root zones.
$37 / cubic yard

Please note, if you are not sure how much product you will need, please feel free to visit our cubic yard calculator by clicking the button below prior to order.


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