Compost Queries

If you have questions about compost, soil or mulch, we have answers. Click on the questions below or call our headquarters in Valley Park, Mo. to speak to a member of our team. (636) 861-3344

Q: What is Compost?

Q: How Do I Compost at Home?

Q: What is STA-Certified Compost?

Q: How Does Compost Enhance the Growing Process?

Q: What is Top Dressing and How Does it Benefit my Lawn?

Q: Can Colored Mulches Harm My Garden?

Q: Can I Drop Lumber at Your Facility?

Q: Do You Sell Firewood?

Q: Can I Drop Off My Christmas Tree at Your Facility?

Q: Can I Bring Materials to Your Facility in a Plastic Bag?

Q: Does St. Louis Composting Accept Food Waste, Animal Bedding or Cardboard?