The Dirt on Compost

At St. Louis Composting, we are Mother Nature’s helpers – transitioning yard trimmings from waste bin to garden in only three months. When carefully controlled and monitored, composting is 100% chemical free. We create and maintain composting conditions that parallel nature’s own processes by

  • shredding green material to increase the surface area of the matter exposed to decomposing organisms
  • monitoring the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio to ensure that microorganisms have an adequate mineral “diet” on which to feed
  • aerating composting material so microbes receive an ample oxygen supply, and
  • tracking moisture levels to promote efficient breakdown.

Whether you’re looking for a truckload, a trailer bed full or just a bag or two, St. Louis Composting offers an unsurpassed selection of premium quality certified compost, soil-compost blends and a large selection of mulches. Stop by our Valley Park or Belleville facilities to peruse the seasonal selections or call ahead and we’ll deliver directly to your home or jobsite.